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Residential Electrical

Thomson Industries team of highly trained electrical technicians are available to install, service or repair all of the aspects or your homes electrical system. Put your electrical needs in our capable hands.

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– Lighting design
– Track and recessed lighting
– Security lighting
– Holiday light displays

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– Service upgrades
– Panel upgrades
– Subpanel installation
– Breakers and fuses

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– Outlets and circuits
– Surge protectors
– Appliance circuits

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– Wiring design
– Wiring repair and installation
– Transformers

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– Air conditioner wiring
– Hot tub and spa wiring
– Electric heating
– Smoke detectors
– Carbon monoxide detectors
– Backup generators

Electric Vehicle Chargers

FLO For Home

Home is where EV drivers typically do most of their charging. Surveys show that between 60 to 80% of EV charging is done at home.
Having a Level 2 charging station at home is like having your own fuel station right at your doorstep. Simply plug your EV into your home charger every night, and have your car fully charged and ready for your daily commute in the morning.

FLO Home G5

High-performance. sturdy and safe:

3-year limited warranty
CSA-certified. Meet applicable UL safety standards
100% aluminum NEMA 4X certified
25-foot industrial grade cable from -40° C to 50°C (-40° F to 122°F)
Integrated safety features
Charges more than 5 X faster than a Level 1 charger on a standard outlet

Flo X5 pic

FLO Home X5

Same features as the G5. plus:

Energy management features
Automatic software updates
Remote configuration via online portal or mobile app
Power Sharing: add a 2nd station on the same breaker
Real-time monitoring and support
Charges more than 5 X faster than a Level 1 charger on a standard outlet

FLO For Business

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Commercial charging solutions for electric vehicles.
Looking for a simple way to offer electric vehicle charging to your customers, visitors, residents or employees? FLO will provide you with the best solution for your business and your building.
Whether you plan on offering use of your station for free, or charge drivers per use, we have the solution for you. Designed by
Canadians for Canadians, there is a unit that survives harsh weather,
is protected from vandalism, can securely process payments and
offers access to one of the largest EV charging networks with 24/7
toll free support and monitoring.

Emergency Generators

Power outages can strike at any time, any place … and it could be costly
A power outage is not merely inconvenient. It can be costly, stressful and even dangerous. Some of the more common effects are food spoilage, pump failures causing home flooding, pipes freezing and loss of power to medical devices used in the home.
Protect yourself and your home before the storm hits.

Generator diagram

Automatic standby generators are hardwired into your home’s electrical system, so there is nothing you need to do when your power is lost. The generator will automatically detect the problem and turn on. No need to refuel if you have it connected to your existing natural gas line but propane and diesel units are also available.
You can choose to power your whole home or protect your essential circuits such as  your well pump, refrigerator, furnace, freezer and sump pump. Call us for a free in-home estimate to help you choose the model that will work for you at 604-552-2990

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Making improvements to your home, whether they are absolutely necessary or purely for aesthetics, can be a burden on your finances. We don’t want your financial situation to hold you back from replacing your old heating or cooling systems with newer, more efficient models. Thomson Industries is proud to partner with FinanceIT, providing you with great rates and easy approval.

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