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What We Provide

Thomson Industries provides residential air duct cleaning services (which include dryer vent services) that will improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Allergies due to pollen in Vancouver can be brutal. We pride ourselves on being an important step to relief from allergies due to:

  • Pollen
  • Mould spores
  • Mildew

  • Mites
  • Dust
  • and more

Through our complete cleansing process.

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The Thomson Industries crew provides the necessary personal attention and time to every customer to ensure that they understand the problem and our air duct cleaning solution.

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Why is duct cleaning necessary?

Although most of us tend to pay little to no attention to their ductwork, it is one of the most critical components of any HVAC system.

Failing to clean air ducts properly can cause homeowners many problems in the future.

    Air filters are designed to capture dust and debris and prevent it from entering the air supply. As the system works, holes in the air filter eventually become clogged up. At this point, it will be harder for clean air to be pushed through the system and can create a health concern that may need more than a new filter to remedy, which is why it makes sense to clean your ducts regularly.

    Have you ever put your hand over the tube of a vacuum cleaner and listened as the engine worked at fever pitch to try and clear a blockage? Heating and cooling systems have similar issues trying to force air through constricted ducts. When air ducts have not been cleaned regularly, it costs homeowners money. The increased cost of operating the system will be reflected in higher energy bills.

    A new HVAC system is an expensive purchase, which is why people should regularly service it to keep it in good working order. When air ducts are dirty, it forces the system to work harder and more often, resulting in a shortened life span.


Making improvements to your home, whether they are absolutely necessary or purely for aesthetics, can be a burden on your finances. We don’t want your financial situation to hold you back from replacing your old heating or cooling systems with newer, more efficient models. Thomson Industries is proud to partner with FinanceIT, providing you with great rates and easy approval.

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