It’s probably our most frequently asked question… “how often should my HVAC system be serviced?”. The answer is always different. Some customers understandably try to push service visits to once every three or four years. Many of those customers paid the price though when our temperatures were hitting record highs in the Vancouver area. Meanwhile, some service providers will try to sell the idea of two checkups a year (before the really hot or really cold weather kicks in).


So, while the answer may vary depending on who you ask, most HVAC professionals agree that once a year is ideal for servicing your HVAC system. There are a few factors that play into the decision, we’ll discuss them here to ensure that timeline is appropriate for your system.



Residential systems are usually smaller, and run less frequently than commercial HVAC systems. Commercial systems are typically serviced more often than residential systems. Additionally, if the air conditioning or heating system of an office building or factory is shut down, businesses could be out thousands of dollars a day until it’s fixed. So, while some consumers see preventative maintenance as an expense, business owners see it as a way to save money.



Annual inspections can save home and business owners a lot of stress and money. These are a few of the benefits to being proactive with your preventative maintenance:

  • Your energy usage and utility bills remain low. When your system is running at peak efficiency it saves approximately 30% on your energy bills.
  • You prevent costly breakdowns. Annual maintenance has been shown to prevent 95% of breakdowns.
  • The life of your system is extended.
  • You remain protected under system
  • Your home is safer. HVAC maintenance can prevent your pipes from freezing while away on winter vacation, and can safeguard your family against carbon monoxide.



The reason why there are so many benefits from preventative maintenance is because we check and/or fix a lot during each inspection. Your furnace tune-up will include a 21-point inspection as well as:

  • Cleaning the blower and inside of blower cabinet
  • Cleaning the motor and pilot assembly
  • Tightening all wiring and connections
  • Ensure operation levels meet the manufacturers specifications
  • Complete gas and carbon monoxide safety inspection
  • Replace the filter


Your air conditioner, of course, has a completely different checklist. Tuning up your A/C includes:

  • Testing refrigerant levels and compressor levels
  • Cleaning the outdoor condenser and indoor coil
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Testing the safeties, controls, and the temperature
  • Ensuring operation levels meet manufacturers specifications
  • Complete gas and carbon monoxide safety inspection



For the above benefits and the peace of mind it brings, many Thomson Industries customers choose to enroll in a Home Comfort Plan. There are three plans available that guarantee to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, even extra hot summers like this one.


With a Home Comfort Plan, you don’t have to worry or think about your HVAC system at all. Not only do we provide your annual maintenance but we schedule reminders for you. If you do experience a problem with your system, you’re offered priority service as well as 15% discount on any repairs.