Rinnai Wall Furnace EX38CN

Rinnai wall heaters were built to maintain your desired temperature be evenly distributing heat without wasting excess energy. These units are designed to accurately monitor room temperature only 2″ off the floor, and are capable of detecting temperature changes as little has half of a degree. These compact units ensure you do not have to sacrifice space and feature a cool to the touch cabinet allowing them to be placed on any wall, in any room in your house.


Pricing Guide: $
Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): Up to 83%
Ignition: Electronic Spark
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Electrical Connection: Plug In
Heating Capacity: 38,000 BTU
Noise Level: 37-47 Decibels
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Warranty: Heat exchanger limited warranty- 10 Years

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