Energy conservation needs to be taken seriously by every homeowner to prevent the waste of resources, including gas, water & electricity. One reason energy conservation is incredibly important is that it reduces household carbon emissions. Many homeowners aren’t aware that there are simple solutions they can take to reduce energy waste. The following article will discuss three energy conservation tips that anyone can adopt, which will help protect the environment and one’s bank account.

 Reassess Your Daily Behaviour


While energy-efficient appliances and fixtures can help reduce your energy consumption, simply modifying your daily behaviours will make a significant impact. When you’re done spending time in a room, turn the lights off. If you only have a few dishes that need to be cleaned, wash them by hand rather than putting them in your dishwasher. When it gets warmer outside, but not sweltering hot, consider opening a window or turning on a fan rather than running your central air. Adopting a few of these changes can reduce the cost of your hydro bill and benefit the environment.


Implement A Digital Thermostat


Homes with the same thermostat installed for the last ten or more years should consider upgrading it to ensure that energy is not wasted. There are many things that a programmable thermostat can do for you to conserve energy, such as allowing homeowners to set their thermostats for different times of the day. For example, if you’re at work from 8:30 AM – 5 PM, you can choose to turn your HVAC system off to conserve energy and then have it automatically switch on for the time you arrive back at home. Additionally, programmable thermostats relay more accurate information regarding the internal temperature of your home compared to analog alternatives.


Upgrade Your HVAC Unit


If you’ve used the same HVAC unit for the last 15 or more years, it’s time to consider upgrading it for a more energy-efficient option. There have been waves of technological advancements in the heating and cooling industry, so upgrading to a newer and cleaner solution is a long-term investment that will provide long-term benefits. Not only will your home feel much more comfortable after a specialist installs your new HVAC system, but you will drastically reduce hydro costs, so you can spend more of your money on the things you enjoy.


Conserving energy is great for your finances and the environment – it’s a win/win situation! For more information on how to conserve energy in your home, contact Thomson industries today!