As you prepare your furnace for the cold weather this Fall, you’ll likely hear some noises as it starts up. First and foremost, now is the time to contact Thomson Industries for your system maintenance and repairs before the insanely cold temperatures arrive.

Common noises such as clicking or humming are not typically indications of a malfunctioning furnace. However, if you notice that your furnace is making considerably more noise than it ever has in past years, you may require a system diagnosis. Here are a few furnace noises that may indicate an issue.


Grinding Noise


One noise that may indicate an issue with your furnace is the sound of grinding metal. When you hear this noise, there is likely a component in your furnace that is detached or unfastened. Grinding noises typically indicate an issue with your blower wheel, ensuring that an appropriate amount of air is taken in and pushed out of the furnace. If the blower wheel is the cause of the unusual noise, it’s important to contact Thomson Industries for help, as a broken blower fan will fail to heat your home effectively.


Strong Banging Noise


There are a couple of reasons why you may hear a strong banging noise coming from your furnace. First and foremost, your furnace burners have not been cleaned and therefore are covered with dust and other contaminants. Unclean burners will prevent your furnace from igniting right away, leading to an excess of natural gas within the system. It’s important to contact Thomson Industries for an immediate diagnosis if you hear these noises.

Furthermore, a strong banging noise may indicate your metal ducts issues – ensure all of your vents are opened and that your system’s air filter is new.


High-Pitched Screech


If you’re hearing a high-pitched screech coming from your furnace, you likely have a parts problem that requires professional attention. For example, your system’s furnace belt is no longer functioning properly and therefore needs to be replaced. Issues commonly associated with high pitched screeches are generally cheap, fixable problems. Therefore, make sure that you contact Thomson Industries if these noises are persistent or have gotten worse over time. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered many homeowners who have left these noises undiagnosed and have had to pay large amounts of money to replace their system completely. Don’t let that happen to you – reach out to Thomson Industries as soon as you hear unusual noises!


As we said, now is the best time to seek maintenance for your furnace. The professionals at Thomson Industries are ready to take your call and ensure the effectiveness of your furnace. For more information, give us a call today!