Autumn is our favourite time of year. Those cool, crisp mornings, and vibrant colours everywhere make us all want to be a little cozier at home.

Fall 2020 will be remembered as the year that we’re staying home with our smaller circles. Many of us have chosen to work from home. We need those comfortable indoor environments, needing a lot more hot water, with those long warm stress-relieving baths, furnaces on longer; washers and dishwasher often doing double duty as the family isn’t out and about as much, but home much more.

It’s also the time of year we are more mindful of our heating and hot water systems. If your furnace and hot water tank have been around for over 10 years, it’s the perfect time to look into replacement, as FortisBC and BC Hydro are offering the largest rebates we’ve ever seen — EVER.

If this is your year for energy-efficiency improvements, you’re in luck. Thanks to FortisBC, we’ve got double rebates for a limited time, on select high-efficiency natural gas space heating equipment, as well as heat pumps for our electricity customers. So hop to it and double your rebate!

You need to register for a promo code by December 31, 2020 at and have your upgrades installed and invoice dated between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

Thomson Industries has the heating and hot water solutions for almost every home. Whether you’re doing a straight replacement — from gas furnace to newer more energy efficient gas furnace; or full electric system to a heat pump; or a boiler replacement to a Combi Boiler – which will take care of your home comfort and hot water, we’re ready to help and install. Our experienced installers and estimators will provide excellent service and support.

Our Daikin forced air gas furnaces offer an unbeatable industry-wide 12 year warranty on parts, labor, replacement. The heat exchangers have a lifetime warranty. You’ll not only be able to take advantage of the current rebates (available only until December 31, 2020), but you’ll enjoy lower energy costs for years to come.

Clean BC is offering a Two Upgrade Bonus – an extra $300 rebate in you pocket for installing two or more eligible energy efficiency upgrades. The $300 bonus is provided in addition to the individual available rebates. Eg: If you replace your furnace and your natural gas water heater you’ll not only get rebates for them, but the CleanBC $300 bonus.

Rinnai’s boiler and Combi boilers offer you the perfect combination of reliability, modern technology and performance. The I-series gives you a wonderful warm heat, plus it can be combined into a dual purpose home heating and water heating unit. The I-Series can deliver whole-home heating and domestic hot water for up to three bathrooms.Thanks to BC Hydro, rebates can be as deep as $6,000 or more!

These incentives have a very limited time availability. Take advantage of them now, and reap the benefits for years to come.

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