Your HVAC unit, which is comprised of your furnace and your central air conditioner, are complex and intricate systems that require routine inspection & care to ensure they are working efficiently. Preventative maintenance will save homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on avoidable issues. Before choosing an HVAC professional, here are some things you should expect from them.

Entire Home Inspection


Professional HVAC service companies should request to perform an entire home inspection to ensure there are no underlying issues that could be impacting the performance of your HVAC unit. Generally, home inspections should not take longer than an hour to complete and won’t surpass 90 minutes. Following the home inspection, an HVAC technician will determine whether outstanding issues are complicating the effectiveness of your unit.




As a homeowner, you’re responsible for the wellbeing of individuals in your house, which is why it is so important to ensure that any service industry professional you enlist provides coverage for their employees. HVAC technicians may use heavy and tricky equipment that, if used incorrectly, can cause damage to people and your home. Protect yourself and be sure to ask if they are insured before they begin work on your furnace or air conditioner.


Experience and Qualifications


As a homeowner, it’s important to look out for your best interests. We implore all homeowners to request training & certification details of the HVAC service worker before they begin work on your furnace or air conditioner. Furthermore, homeowners shouldn’t stress about asking any reputable HVAC service company for several references that they would be able to call to vouch for work completed. Unfortunately, many homeowners fear irritating the HVAC company or embarrassing themselves for asking such questions. Still, it’s important to remember that it is your home and your investment – make it a wise one!


Speaking of experience and qualifications, be on the lookout for scams and fake ads that promise below market value pricing because there is a good chance that these individuals lack the experience needed to perform a high-quality job. Therefore, you may want to seek a second opinion if you get an offer that you feel is suspicious.


Enlisting the services of an HVAC technician to care for your furnace and your air conditioner is incredibly essential. Not only is your comfort at risk, but it could become a financial problem if you don’t schedule routine maintenance calls. For more information, contact Thomson Industries today!