Your air conditioner was put to great use this summer! It was certainly hot, and we hope that your air conditioner kept your home cool and comfortable.


The cool weather is here to stay and residents in the Greater Vancouver Area are turning their air conditioners off as the cool temperatures roll in. While you may now be focused on preparing your furnace for the winter, you still need to take care of your air conditioner, and you can do so by investing in an air conditioner cover. Here are two reasons why you should buy one for the fall.

Prevent Debris from Falling Inside


Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but for your air conditioner, it means falling leaves and other debris. Your air conditioner is designed to withstand the hottest and coldest temperatures, but it’s not designed to harbour leaves, sticks and helicopter seeds.


Not only can debris affect the unit’s mechanics but leaves and seeds inside the unit can contribute to mold growth and corrosion. If your exterior unit has a drainage system, fallen debris can prevent moisture’s expulsion leading to more aggressive mold growth.


Cover the Top of The Unit Only


When placing a cover on your exterior unit, you’ll need to be careful not to cover the entire unit. Thomson Industries recommends that you only cover on the top of the unit where the fan is exposed. This allows moisture that is trapped inside of your unit to evaporate.


If you completely cover your air conditioner, moisture will become trapped and lead to corrosion within the unit. Make sure you contact your local HVAC professionals for product recommendations and suggestions.


Misconceptions Surrounding Air Conditioning Covers


As we stated previously, your air conditioner is durable, and it can withstand the harshest weather conditions and temperatures. Much like a pool, homeowners believe that covering their air conditioner will prevent damage throughout the winter and spring. Here are a few misconceptions surrounding the use of air conditioning covers.


  • Covers do not keep rodents and other wildlife from inhabiting your exterior unit.
  • Dirt is not an issue, and you do not need a cover to keep it out.
  • During winter, snow will get inside of your unit, and it will dry naturally. With a cover, the moisture will not escape, and mold can grow with the unit.


If you have any questions or concerns about your existing air conditioning cover, or you’re thinking about purchasing a new one, contact the professionals at Thomson Industries today. Furthermore, reach out to us if you need any assistance preparing your furnace before winter arrives!