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Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are the most commonly used appliance to heat our water and supply it to our fixtures and other appliances. Most manufacturers agree that the average hot water tank life expectancy is between 8 and 12 years, and require minimal maintenance. If you notice leaks or your tank is not heating, a replacement may be required. There are some choices to be made when picking out a new water heater, such as size or efficiency and gas or electric.

Hot Water On Demand / Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are quickly gaining popularity for many reasons. They save space, energy and fuel costs AND you never have to be the person who showers last in the cold. Your hot water will never run out! There are models that fit the needs of every size home and family.

Why Tankless?

Tankless Water Heater

• Continuous hot water
• High energy efficiency
• Compact, space saving design
• Electronically controlled
• Exclusive sensing burner technology
• Exclusive film wrap overheat protection
• Digital thermostat with self diagnostic program

tankless water heater

• Precise temperature control
• Consistent hot water supply temperature
• No hot water storage
• Low operating costs
• Low NOx emissions. all models
• Indoor or outdoor models available
• Two High altitude options: up
to 6.560 or 9,840ft. elevations


Traditional Hot Water Tank

• Continuous hot water
• Low first cost
• Low venting cost
• No electricity required
• Large variety of sizes available
• Flow rates of 12gpm and up

traditional water heater

• High altitude installations to 10,000 ft
• Low NOx emissions -some models

Combi Boilers

Looking to save on space and energy costs? High efficient Combi-boilers are an excellent alternative to forced-air furnaces for your heating needs. Stylish and efficient, boilers can both heat your home and replace your water heater. Boilers can be connected to radiators or even be used for underfloor heating, warming you home from the ground up.


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