The leaves are starting to fall, the morning frost has arrived and it seems that we’re fully immersed in Fall. It’s amazing how quickly sweater weather has crept up on us. In recent days it has felt like the temperature has just suddenly dropped. If you haven’t already, we expect your heat will be turned on any day now.

After being dormant for a few months, the initial few weeks of starting it up is the perfect time to ensure that it is running efficiently. The last thing anyone wants is to be in the dead of winter with a broken furnace. While furnaces don’t need to be replaced often there are a few warning signs that might indicate it is time to upgrade your heating unit.

Age of your Furnace

The average furnace should be replaced approximately every 15 years, some may last as long as 20, though they are likely running at less than optimal efficiency. If you are at that 15-year mark, we suggest proactively searching for a new unit.

Alternatively, from now until Dec 31 Thomson Industries is offering a discount 21 point tune-up and inspection for just $149. At this time a certified technician would be able to provide you recommendations on the future of the unit. Contact us to book yours.

Increased Utility Bills

All furnaces will gradually lose their efficiency over time. As with most things general wear and tear eventually causes the unit to operate differently years after installation. If you have noticed your bill consistently increasing, that is a sure sign that your unit it no longer operating at its maximum efficiency.

Inconsistent Heating

A furnace is intended to create a warm and comfortable environment throughout your home. While some warmer and cooler spots are normal due to the placement of the windows and other factors, it should not be difficult to achieve a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Expensive Repairs

If you have already identified that there is an issue with your furnace that requires costly repairs it is important to keep in mind the cost of purchasing a new system. The average new furnace can cost between $4000 and $6000, if your repair cost reaches anywhere near 50% of this, we suggest purchasing a new unit. This way, you will avoid additional future repairs, and also be afforded a new manufacturer’s warranty to cover any issues for years in the future.

If any of these warning signs strike a chord with you it may be time to look at purchasing a new furnace. While the cost may seem daunting FortisBC is currently offering rebates of up to $700 for upgrading to a high-efficiency unit. Not to mention at Thomson we are currently offering our customers 12 months no payments, no interest on OAC or 24 months of equal payments. If financing isn’t for you, pay cash and we will pay the GST, that’s a 5% savings plus up $300 in additional rebates. Contact us today to set up a free in-home estimate at 604-552-2990.