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Gas Furnaces

Forced-air gas furnaces are the most common and popular heating appliances installed in BC homes. Often matched with split air conditioning systems, today’s furnaces not only do a great job of keeping your house warm during the winter, but the furnace fan, or blower, is also used to assist the air conditioning system in circulating cooled air during the warmer seasons.
Increase your furnace efficiency and lower your energy bills by choosing a model with a variable speed motor or modulating gas valve for the ultimate value and quiet comfort.


Wall Furnaces

Natural gas wall furnaces are typically used to supplement your existing heating system, they can also be used in spaces where a central furnace may not be feasible. They can be installed in any room in your home because they do not require a chimney or additional venting. These self-contained heating appliances are less expensive than a traditional furnace because they heat smaller spaces, and control individual areas in your home. Wall furnaces are a great heating solution in mobile homes, or those hard to heat areas such as additions, basements and guest suites. They can be purchased in a variety of heating capacities and also work well in homes that require different rooms to be different temperatures.


Rinnai Ex22CTN Wall Furnace


Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): Up to 81%
Ignition: Electronic Spark
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Electrical Connection: Plug In
Heating Capacity: 22,000 BTU
Noise Level: 33-42 Decibels
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Warranty: Heat exchanger limited warranty- 10 Years


Rinnai Ex38CTN Wall Furnace


Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): Up to 83%
Ignition: Electronic Spark
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Electrical Connection: Plug In
Heating Capacity: 38,000 BTU
Noise Level: 37-47 Decibels
Installation Options: Direct Vent, No Ductwork Required
Warranty: Heat exchanger limited warranty- 10 Years


A hot water boiler is an excellent alternative to forced-air furnaces for your heating needs. Boilers can be connected to decorative and efficient radiators and baseboard heaters or underfloor tubing to warm your home from the floor up. High efficient Combi boilers can both heat the water for your homes heat and replace your water heaters, saving you space and energy costs!

Heat Pumps

What Is a Heat Pump?
To put it in the simplest way, a heat pump is an air conditioner that can be run in reverse and used to heat as well as cool!  The heat pump condenser sits outside and looks almost exactly like an air conditioner. They are connected to a furnace system or air handler that blows the air throughout your home. While an air conditioner super cools the coil that the air blows across, a heat pump can be reversed to super heat the coil, heating your home using electricity rather than fossil fuels. Living on the west coast, in our mild weather, a heat pump is usually sufficient to heat your home but in the coldest parts of winter a backup heat source, like your furnace or heat coil will be needed to supplement the heat pump.


Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are a way to get heating or cooling in your home. They work like an air conditioner or heat pump but do not require ductwork to deliver the air. An outdoor condenser is connected to refrigerant lines that then attach to a variety of indoor heads or cassettes that circulate the heated or cooled air.
Single zone systems attach to a single indoor head that can heat or cool a space up to 3000 sq ft. whereas a multi zone system connects to heads in different spaces or rooms in your home. Each of these heads can be controlled separately for your comfort.
There are many options available to choose from for indoor heads, such as floor mounted, wall mounted or recessed ceiling cassettes. Daikin offers a number of indoor head product lines to appeal to any style without sacrificing function.


VRV Life Systems


Re-inventing residential air-conditioning by breaking technological barriers, Daikin VRV LIFE systems bring inverter driven VRV technology to solve some of the age-old residential HVAC challenges.

Precision engineered for flexibility, zoning, low sound and space saving, with the ability to mix and match ducted and duct-free indoor units in combination with a gas furnace. VRV LIFE is an ideal choice for a premium solution.

VRV Grid


Zoning is an important factor that contributes to energy savings and comfort – standard central ducted systems do not have the ability to precisely adapt to your lifestyle and how you use your home. In most cases, larger homes can be separated in 2 zones, each zone being served by a separate system.

Daikin VRV LIFE systems provide effective zoning solutions by offering the flexibility to connect up to 9 zones to a single system. Precision engineered refrigerant control allows system operation to meet the needs of individual zones.

Operational Efficiencies

VRV LIFE systems are engineered with Daikin inverter and variable refrigerant temperature (VRT) technologies. These empower the compressor to operate at its optimal efficiencies during part load operations and thereby reducing power consumption* and providing high operational efficiencies.


Daikin VRV systems are globally renowned for their quietness. With operating sound pressure levels as low as 57 dbA1, VRV LIFE is an optimal solution for installation close to lot lines and sound sensitive applications.


With a compact, lightweight and space saving design of only 37”W x 12-5/8”D, VRV LIFE systems provide up to 75%2 reduction in installation space compared to similar capacity top discharge unitary condensing units.

Garage & Unit Heaters

Is your garage also used as a shop, perhaps a craft workspace, or maybe even a recreational area for your family, but during the wintery cold months, you’re left out in the cold? At Thomson Industries we think you should be able to work and play in your garage all year long.

A natural gas garage heater is the perfect solution to allow you to utilize this extra space, while still keeping you and your family warm during the winter months. Garage heaters require a simple installation and are also an excellent heating solution for workshops, industrial work areas, patios, and greenhouses.


Programmable thermostats are designed to adjust the temperature of your home according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day, If used correctly, a programmable thermostat can potentially save energy and money on heating bills.

Not all thermostats are created equally. You may need one for your furnace alone , or one that can control multiple units. Normally thermostats are connected to your equipment with control wires, but there are wireless options available as well.

Certain thermostats can even be operated remotely by an app over a WiFi connection, allowing you to control your HVAC equipment from across the room or across the world


Making improvements to your home, whether they are absolutely necessary or purely for aesthetics, can be a burden on your finances. We don’t want your financial situation to hold you back from replacing your old heating or cooling systems with newer, more efficient models. Thomson Industries is proud to partner with FinanceIT, providing you with great rates and easy approval.

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