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Banner about HVAC services provided in Delta and deal offered by Thomson Industries
Banner about HVAC services provided in Delta and deal offered by Thomson Industries


HVAC Delta

Thomson Industries provides high-quality, customized solutions according to your needs for repairs, maintenance, or the installation of a new HVAC system in your Delta home all year long!

Exceptional HVAC Services Tailored to Delta’s Climate

Thomson Industries understands how critical it is to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Our friendly technicians are here to assist you in improving performance, resulting in lower monthly expenses and a longer-lasting system. When something goes wrong, we act quickly to identify and resolve the problem.

In addition, when your HVAC system gets to the end of its useful life, we’ll work with you to select and install a replacement, keeping your home comfortable. We handle all of your HVAC needs, whether or not it’s increasing the efficiency of your system, repairing problems, or installing a brand-new unit. You can rely on us to keep your home comfortable and cost-effective all year long, no matter what the weather is like outside!

Discover Comprehensive HVAC Services for Your Home

Thomson Industries is proud to have a team of highly trained employees and home comfort advisors in Delta with a combined experience of over 25 years. We have established credibility for perfection as your comprehensive home comfort service solution, giving you peace of mind and recognizing that your residence is in capable hands.

We provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, with no additional costs to you–ever! In addition, we offer a variety range of financing options along with exclusive deals to assist you in saving money on new equipment. Our home comfort advisor will additionally supply you with a no-obligation price quote during your in-home consultation.

Experience the difference of working with a professional HVAC company with your best interests in mind! Book your consultation appointment today!


Multiple variables contribute to whether replacing your HVAC system will be beneficial to you. When deciding if you want to replace your HVAC system, keep the following factors in mind:

·  Consider replacement if it exceeds 15-20 years, as older systems become less effective and more prone to breakdowns, which are costly and annoying.

·  Upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient system can yield long-term energy savings and reduced energy expenses each month, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

·  If you face frequent and costly repairs, a new system may be a more cost-effective option over time.

·  A new system enhances comfort with improved air temperature, control and air quality for a more comfortable living interior for you and your family.

·  Newer systems are eco-friendlier, with lower emissions and carbon footprints.

·  Explore government incentives that can offset the costs of replacing the system.

·  Assess your financial situation and investigate financing options to make the new system more affordable.

Finally, homeowners should seek the advice of HVAC professionals for a tailored assessment and recommendations based on their unique requirements. We provide financing, discounts, and free new system purchase quotes to help you save money!

Setting up a new HVAC system in your residence is an excellent investment. However, for many homeowners, the initial expense of installing fresh appliances can be costly to buy. As a result, whether a new system is worthwhile is going to be determined by your particular situation as well as other variables. Here’s a more in-depth look at what Delta residents should think about:

·  Comfort: A well-functioning HVAC system provides comfort and an inviting living setting which benefits your entire family throughout the year.

·  Energy Efficiency: New HVAC systems are energy-efficient, resulting in more affordable monthly energy bills. These lower energy costs can more than offset the initial expenditure in a new system.

·  Property Value: A maintained HVAC system may raise the selling price of your home. If you intend to sell in the future, this is going to be a factor that prospective buyers will notice and appreciate.

·  Health Advantages: HVAC systems improve indoor air quality by removing airborne contaminants and sustaining suitable moisture levels. This has the potential to enhance both respiratory health and overall wellness. This is especially helpful for people who have asthma or allergic responses.

·  Long-Term Savings: Although the upfront expense of buying and setting up an HVAC system can be substantial, savings in the long run must be considered. A well-kept, dependable system can last for a long time while providing value over the course of its entire lifespan.

·  Individualization: HVAC systems are available in a variety of types and arrangements to meet an assortment of needs and budgets. You can select a system that meets your specific needs, whether it’s an easy installation or a more sophisticated, energy-efficient design that also includes zoning, smart controls, and more.

·  Ecological Impacts: Energy-efficient HVAC systems help to reduce the impact they have on the environment by consuming less energy and releasing fewer harmful greenhouse gases. This is consistent with environmentally conscious practices and may entitle you to government energy-saving benefits or rebates.

In addition, homeowners must think about the factors that follow:

·  Local Climate: When choosing an HVAC system, keep the local environment in mind. Temperature and humidity extremes could require a more durable system.

·  Maintenance Criteria: Maintenance must be performed to guarantee that the appliance functions appropriately and lasts throughout the years. This is about the maintenance fees and possible repair costs, and make sure you budget for these expenses.

·  Energy Costs: The general cost of energy in your local region can have an impact on the long-term financial advantages of a system.

·  Discounts: If necessary, investigate financing options as well as cost reductions available through your local HVAC company.

·  System Selection: Determine the most suitable system for your needs and the dimensions of your home. Oversizing or undersizing the system if it is not appropriate for your space can lead to ineffectiveness and increased costs.

If you’re considering installing a new HVAC system in your home, we suggest reaching out to Thomson Industries to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly and proficient home comfort advisors! They can walk you through the process of purchasing a new unit that will benefit your home and lifestyle while staying within your means!

If you’re looking to save money on a new HVAC system for your home, be sure to inquire about our fantastic discounts and financing options! All homeowners will receive an absolutely free new system purchase quote during their in-home consultation with one of our home comfort advisors!

In order to achieve the most outstanding level of comfort and energy efficiency, it is essential that you choose an appropriate-sized HVAC system for your residence. The capacity of the HVAC system you need is affected by an assortment of factors, and it is best to get in touch with a professional HVAC company in your area for a precise calculation, like the team at Thomson Industries. In the meantime, here are a few parameters to consider when determining the physical dimensions and capacity of your new HVAC unit:

·  Home Size: Take your home’s size into account; larger houses may need more extensive HVAC systems.

·  Local Climate: Your local climate matters. For example, extreme temperatures throughout the year may require a more robust system with a larger load calculation, whereas a smaller system may work for homes in milder climates.

·  Insulation Quality: Well-insulated homes might do with smaller systems, but older ones lacking insulation may need larger ones.

·  Orientation of Your Home: The direction your property faces affects sunlight exposure, affecting heating and cooling needs.

·  Ceiling Height: Homes with higher ceilings may require more heating and cooling capacity.

·  Your Needs: Specific needs, like allergen control, can influence system size. Keep these in mind when choosing a unit.

·  Ductwork Condition: Leaky or poorly designed ductwork can affect sizing and efficiency, potentially needing an upgrade.

·  Family Size: A higher number of family members or frequent visitors can increase the system’s capacity requirements.

Do you need assistance determining the type and size of HVAC system you require for your home? If so, contact Thomson Industries in Delta today to schedule a consultation! If you want to save money on your new HVAC appliances, make sure to inquire about our excellent limited-time offers and financing options. You will also receive a free new system purchase quote!

Call and speak to a member of our team, or feel free to use our online booking tool to reserve your appointment for all services regarding your HVAC in Delta today!

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We have been with Thomson for 10 years and have them do yearly maintenance on our AC, furnace and hot water on demand unit. The service techs are awesome, always friendly and very knowledgeable. They are very good at addressing concerns. Would highly recommend them to anyone!

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