Are Furnace Protection Plans Worth It? 

The secret to having a dependable heating system all winter long is to keep your furnace operating at peak performance. As a homeowner, you already know that maintaining your furnace on a regular basis is the best way to keep it running efficiently during the colder months. So, the issue at hand becomes, "Are furnace protection plans worth it?" 

Before purchasing a furnace protection plan for your heating system, the team at Thomson Industries gives you the inside scoop on whether or not this is something that can be a worthwhile investment. 

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What are furnace protection plans? 

HVAC businesses often offer furnace protection plans to homeowners, which are service contracts that cover and maintain your furnace over time. These plans typically include a fixed monthly or annual cost in exchange for a range of furnace services designed to keep your furnace in good working order throughout its service life. Plans for furnace protection usually include the following:

·  Regular maintenance: Pre-scheduled seasonal or yearly service visits to inspect, clean, and adjust your furnace.

·  Emergency repair solutions: Coverage for unplanned problems or breakdowns throughout the year.

·  Priority service: When there is a significant demand for HVAC services during busy seasons of the year, protection plans offer priority service calls.

·  Replacement parts: Certain plans may pay for the cost of substitute parts. This could reduce the total amount of money required for urgent repairs.

·  Discounts: Additional benefits can be discounts on services other than regular upkeep, such as duct cleaning or air quality inspections.

 All in all, furnace protection plans aim to provide homeowners with peace of mind by providing periodic upkeep and savings against unanticipated heating system failures. Though the specifications of these kinds of plans can vary, it's crucial to carefully weigh the terms, exclusions, and cost of each plan to make sure it suits your needs and fits within your budget. 

What are the pros and cons of a furnace maintenance plan?

There are benefits and possible drawbacks to furnace protection plans that homeowners should be aware of before purchasing one for their own heating system. Here is an outline of the pros and cons below: 


·  Regular maintenance: Ongoing service visits are typically scheduled as part of a maintenance plan. This can assist in guaranteeing that your furnace is routinely tested and tuned up, lowering the possibility of unplanned malfunctions and increasing the system's lifespan.

·  Increased performance: By keeping your furnace operating at peak performance, you can cut your energy costs. Systems that are kept clean and well-maintained typically run more efficiently and use less energy.

·  Priority service: Members of maintenance plans are entitled to priority service. This implies that during peak hours, you can get assistance sooner than non-members if your furnace needs repairs.

·  Cost savings: Maintenance programs can occasionally result in savings on expenses through discounts. 


·  Cost: One of the primary drawbacks is the cost of the maintenance plan. While it can provide peace of mind, some homeowners may find the upfront or annual fees to be an added expense that is not necessary.

·  Coverage restrictions: The services and parts covered by maintenance plans vary. While some plans solely cover standard tune-ups, others might provide more extensive coverage. It's critical to read the conditions of coverage thoroughly to determine what is and isn't covered in order to see if it is worth it.

·  Unused services: You may not take full use of the services provided by a maintenance plan if your furnace is still under warranty, is relatively new, or if you take good care of it yourself, which can be seen as a wasted expense.

What is covered in a furnace protection plan?

A furnace protection plan's coverage can change based on the HVAC company's unique terms and conditions. While some plans may concentrate on specific areas of furnace maintenance, others might be more all-inclusive. The scope of coverage may also be affected by exceptions, limitations, or special circumstances.

Check the terms and circumstances offered by the service company thoroughly before acquiring a furnace protection plan. Learn the limitations on coverage as well as what may be excluded or included. In addition, we advise getting in touch with the HVAC business in your area if you're looking for further information about the options specifically available to you.

If you live in the North Shore or Lower Mainland, the team at Thomson Industries is pleased to offer homeowners extensive furnace protection plans that can provide them peace of mind. Here is a closer look at what our protection plans offer:

·  One annual maintenance visit

·  Priority assistance within 24 hours of contacting us

·  50% off diagnostic fees

·  20% off of repairs and services

·  Free electrical, plumbing, or drain inspection

·  100% guarantee: one year's worth of parts and labour for any repairs

What is the process of getting a furnace protection plan? 

Obtaining a furnace protection plan usually entails a few steps, and the order of those steps may differ slightly depending on which HVAC company you partner with. Here's a general idea of what you can expect:  

1. Research HVAC providers: Look into HVAC companies that give plans for furnace protection.

2. Compare plans: Consider the features, benefits, and prices of several plans from various providers.

3. Speak with the HVAC company: Speak with your selected provider about the available plan options.

4. Ask questions: Ask questions about the costs, coverage, and any restrictions.

5. Schedule your inspection: An initial furnace check may be required .according to certain providers.

6. Payment and registration: Fill out the enrollment form and include your payment information.

7. Get your confirmation: Obtain verification and the paperwork confirming that you have coverage.

It really is that simple!

If you're interested in learning more about the furnace protection plans available at Thomson Industries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at any time. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your furnace 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost! We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!