Winter in Canada certainly has its perks; the brisk weather feels nice after a long summer, and the consistent snowfalls make for picturesque scenery. However, winter conditions in Canada can last up until the beginning of May, so it’s important to consider investing in a ductless heating unit to provide adequate heating needs for you and your family. The best thing about them is that they also provide cool air to ensure your living space is cool on hot, summer days. Here are three benefits of a ductless heating and cooling unit.


Traditional HVAC units rely on structural ductwork to provide cooled and heated air through vents, whereas ductless units allow homeowners to treat isolated areas of your home. Your local HVAC specialists will need to install a single, small unit outside of your home or business, and then they will install individual units within your home or business. These units are incredibly easy to install if the HVAC technicians can hook them up to your property’s power source.


Your ductless heating & cooling unit will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Most homeowners rely on their standard furnace and air conditioner to provide energy for their home. Unfortunately, the cost of hydro in Canada is shockingly high. If you’re using it at full capacity to ensure the temperature levels in your home are comfortable, it will ultimately result in a large monthly bill. Utilizing a ductless heating and cooling unit allows homeowners to heat single rooms preventing energy loss and over-usage. Be sure to look into potential government rebates as well – rebate offers may fluctuate over time, so ensure you keep an eye on more potential savings.

Improved Quality of Air

The quality of the air inside of your home plays a major role in your overall well being. The fact that the quality of the air outside could be better than the air inside your home should be enough for all homeowners to take a stand. Standard air conditioners and furnaces require the assistance of an HVAC system technician to ensure air filters are cleaned. Ductless heating and cooling units provide a diversified air filtration process that will substantially decrease the number of airborne allergens, dust, and other particles that could impair the quality of your air.

Ductless heating and cooling units offer homeowners a wealth of versatility, money savings, and improved air quality for your home. Investing in a heating and cooling ductless system is an investment in your finances and your comfort. For more information, contact Thomson Industries today! We can’t wait to help you!